All About: The Ivy Leaf® Facial Scrubber

  1. Introducing The Ivy Leaf® Facial Scrubber
  2. What It Is
  3. What It Does
  4. What Else Do You Need to Know


Introducing: The Ivy Leaf® Facial Scrubber


It’s been proven countless times that cleansing the skin with your bare hands is simply not as effective as when paired with the aid of a facial scrubber. However, the majority of facial scrubbers on the market are built with bristles too harsh on the skin, causing pre-mature aging and wrinkles. Even more of a nuisance; the scrubbers that are designed with care to be both effective and gentle are of ridiculously high cost.

Ivy Leaf on the other hand, values the needs of our fellow woman on her journey to self-love through skincare. We are therefore proud to introduce our first product: our Ivy Leaf® Facial Scrubber! Effective, gentle, and cost-conscious. 💚 


Ivy Leaf Facial Scrubber with box on left side and plant in glass on right side, for Ivy Leaf Skincare


What It Is


The waterproof Ivy Leaf® Facial Scrubber is ideal for all skin types and is the perfect addition to your cleansing routine. It gently exfoliates and cleanses your skin with sonic vibrations traveling through soft bristles, providing a better cleanse than using just your hands.


Ivy Leaf Facial Scrubber, front side, for Ivy Leaf Skincare

What It Does


The Ivy Leaf® Facial Scrubber uses sonic pulsations that have been proven to not only penetrate pores for effective deep cleansing, but alsos stimulate the blood to promote and maintain youthful-looking skin! It uses 6,000 sonic pulsations per minute, with the sole purpose of purifying and refining your skin. The flexible design makes this modern facial scrubber compact and travel-friendly with a full charge lasting for months. It easily fits its way into any skincare routine, bringing glowing and youthful-looking skin!


Natural faced woman with clear skin, smiling in front of ocean sunset, for Ivy Leaf Skincare


What Else You Need To Know


The Ivy Leaf® Facial Scrubber is designed to provide a more efficient method of cleaning, covering larger surface areas of the face than most cleansers. It’s designed to mold well around all face shapes, effectively cleansing the skin in less time than most brushes, all while additionally stimulating circulation for a youthful radiance.

When designing our facial scrubber, our biggest focus was mastering the art of balancing both innovative power and gentle technology. The long touch-points on our Ivy Leaf® Facial Scrubber are created to reach into pores without any pulling or stretching, preserving the skin’s natural elasticity.


Ivy Leaf Facial Scrubber on pale pink countertop, next to green potted plant, for Ivy Leaf Skincare