Amazing Skincare Hacks For People Who Want To Try Something New

  1. Honey And Aspirin
  2. Double Cleansing
  3. Lemon And Sugar


We all know the basics when it comes to skincare. Like removing makeup before going to bed and drinking a lot of water to keep our skin hydrated. We are also aware that there is no skincare routine that works for everyone. A lot of factors will affect how you go about it. Factors like your skin type, your lifestyle and even the current weather or the climate. To a person who is not into the art of skincare, it may seem simplistic but we know better.

As skincare enthusiasts, we are always on the lookout for new tips and ideas on how to make our skins even better. We all want that smooth, soft and glowing skin but again not a single routine would work for everybody. It is really up to us and our experience to figure out which skincare advice we should take or try. No one knows our own bodies than ourselves. So check out these skincare hacks that you might want to try out.

Honey And Aspirin

If you are having problems with acne, you might want to try a treatment using honey and aspirin. It just makes sense since aspirin can reduce swelling and redness and honey is a natural antibiotic. The process is as simple as it gets. Clean your skin with toner. Crush a single tablet of aspirin and mix it with toner to get a thick paste. Apply the paste on the acne spots and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Wash off the paste and dab honey on the same spots. Let it sit for 10 minutes before washing it off. Do this regularly and enjoy clearer healthier skin.


Spoon and bowlful of honey, for Ivy Leaf Skincare blog

Double Cleansing

What’s better than regular cleansing? How about double cleansing? At first, it may seem excessive but only doing it once only washes off the first layer of dirt. Try washing with an oil cleanser for the first wash and a foam or gel cleanser for the second one. The first wash will remove any excess makeup and sebum. Do not forget to massage to promote blood circulation. The second wash with the foam or gel cleanser is for thorough cleaning. Try doing this routine to promote healthier skin.


Face emerging from bath of grapefruit slices, for Ivy Leaf Skincare blog

Lemon And Sugar

Tired of those blackheads? Give lemon and sugar a try. No, we are not making lemonade but we are trying to give our skins that radiant look. Lemons are great for removing bacteria and dirt from pores and make our skin less oily. Sugar, on the other hand, opens up our pores so the lemon can penetrate. This can be done by cutting a lemon in half and sprinkling sugar on the exposed halves. Gently apply it on your face to remove any remaining dirt and dead skin.


Lemon slices in cool water, for Ivy Leaf Skincare blog