Our Mission

  1. Our proud mission statement.
  2. Who we are, revealed.
  3. No secrets, no problem.
  4. Do you know the benefits of ivy on the skin?

Our proud mission statement.


“Self-care through skincare:

We value dedicated self-care regimens and feel our best when our skin is cared for authentically. We stay mindful of the quality of the ingredients we not only put on our skin, but ultimately ingest, utilizing the power of English Ivy extract to combat inflammation, aging, and overall skin and body health.”


Two women sitting outside with wine, laughing and smiling, for Ivy Leaf Skincare

Who we are, revealed.  


Ivy Leaf Skincare started from a journey to self-love. It pushed us to explore the true definition of self-love through various forms. From how we speak to ourselves mentally; to how we feel about ourselves emotionally; to the ingredients we allow our bodies to ingest physically. Not just when it comes to food, but the ingredients we intake from our daily products as well.

The average skincare product is composed of a concoction of chemicals, clinically tested to cleanse or moisturize the skin. Yet, these products rarely take into account the everlasting effects on other parts of the body. As the skin absorbs and reacts to such ingredients, our bodies continue to absorb until they filter into the bloodstream, affecting our bodies beyond our skin.


Woman standing behind dark green leaves for Ivy Leaf Skincare revealing half of her face

No secrets, no problem.


Ivy Leaf Skincare is made with 100% pure English ivy leaf extract, and all natural ingredients that keep your safety, well-being, and self-love in mind:

  • Plant-Based
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Paraben-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Sulfate-Free
  • Phthalate-Free


Person lifting dark green leaves from milky waters for Ivy Leaf Skincare


Do you know the benefits of ivy on the skin?


We hope our mission aligns with yours, staying grounded in a place of self-love. And while that is all lovely and of high relevancy, an important question remains: why is English Ivy leaf extract so beneficial for the skin? If you have yet to be enlightened, please check out last blog, The Benefits of English Ivy. 🌿