Ancient Skincare Methods That You Can Still Do Today

  1. Honey Facial Mask
  2. Coconut Oil
  3. Yogurt Peel


Modern skin care methods did not just appear overnight. They are the results of years of research and development. Their origins even go way back in ancient times. Due to advancements in science and technology, as well as new discoveries, scientists were able to refine most of those ancient skincare methods to fit modern times. Some beliefs regarding skin care were proven to be false and are no longer practiced. There are also some ingredients that were commonly used to improve the skin that are no longer used either because there are better alternatives or were proven to be not effective. The point is, what modern conveniences that we enjoy today can be traced back to ancient practices and methods. Science just made them better.

We certainly came a long way from just bathing in rivers to keep ourselves clean to applying different types of lotions and creams on our skin to keep it nourished. These modern concoctions are certainly effective but what about the older stuff? Today, let’s take a look back in history and find out which ancient skincare methods are being practised today. 

Honey Facial Mask

Honey has strong antibacterial properties while olive oil has healing qualities. Combine the two and you’ll get a very effective face mask. And did I mention that honey has been clinically proven to speed up the maturation of collagen fibers - which means more elastic and velvety skin? All you need to make this ancient honey-based face mask is ¼ cup of honey and ¼ cup of extra virgin olive oil. Mix them together and add warm water to make the mixture more spreadable. Apply it on your face and let it sit for 10 minutes, before gently removing the mask using a soft washcloth. Do this before bathing or showering.


Honey being taken out of jar with wooden honeycomb spoon, for Ivy Leaf Skincare blog

Coconut Oil

The ever famous coconut oil has been a staple in skincare and haircare for years. It is great for treating eczema, a skin condition which causes the skin to become inflamed, red, itchy or cracked. This is because of the coconut oil’s natural antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties. We also sometimes forget that, as a sunscreen, it does a great job at protecting our skin from harmful UV rays. It is no wonder that this miracle oil is still widely used today. It just works.


Jar of coconut oil on table top with sliced open coconuts, for Ivy Leaf Skincare blog

Yogurt Peel

Another food item that has other uses aside from nourishment. Yogurt is a natural lactic acid which makes it a great AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) peel. To make a yogurt AHA peel, you just need a tablespoon of olive oil for every four tablespoons of yogurt. You decide on how much you’ll need. Apply the mixture on your face for 10 minutes and remove with a warm washcloth.


Bowl of yogurt with blueberries, for Ivy Leaf Skincare blog

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