Difference In Cleansers: Oil vs. Cream

  1. Oil Cleansers
  2. Cream Cleansers
  3. The Verdict


We rely heavily on our sense of sight to navigate our surroundings. Our eyes can see fine details as well as a multitude of different colors. We can even communicate just by showing different expressions on our faces. Through our eyes, a small smirk or a raised eyebrow can give us enough information about the other person’s emotion. From that fact alone, we can safely say that we are the most visual of all the creatures on this planet. Our reliance on sight and our ability to read facial expressions is the reason why our eyes are always drawn to the face when interacting with other people. So it comes as no surprise that when it comes to making ourselves look good, we always prioritize our faces.

Our natural tendency to make sure that our faces always look good gave rise to a wide array of products designed to enhance our beauty. One notable beauty-enhancing invention is the makeup, which in turn influenced the creation of face cleansers. These were designed to clean your skin by gently removing makeup, dirt and other debris. But the question is, which cleanser is the most effective? Is it oil or cream cleansers?

Oil Cleansers

Oil cleansers are specially formulated to clean the skin by gently drawing out makeup, sebum and other pollutants. It is the best cleanser for makeup removal as it efficiently dissolves any impurities and provides you with that deep clean. You may think that it is not good for those who have oily skin but that is a common misconception. Oil cleansers are generally good for any skin type as they can effectively clean your skin without stripping it of its natural oils. These natural oils are what helps protect our skin.

Cream Cleansers

Cream cleansers gently clean your skin without stripping it but are not as effective when it comes to cleaning off makeup. Just like oil cleansers, they will leave your skin feeling moisturized and fresh. It can also soothe any inflammation or redness. This cleanser is best used on dry or sensitive skin and will leave you feeling fresh and hydrated.

The Verdict

After trying out the oil and cream cleansers, I can say that both of them did a great job of cleaning my skin. Both also left my skin feeling soft and hydrated which is fantastic. But no cleansers are created equal so I will have to give an edge to the oil cleanser. If you’re curious, I used Ivy Leaf’s Purifying Oil Foaming Cleanser as my oil cleanser for this test. I really love the fresh, clean feeling I get after cleansing my face and how effective it is in removing makeup. This is the best skin cleanser I have tried so far.


Woman splashing face with water, for Ivy Leaf Skincare blog