Do You Need Eye Cream?

  1. Skin around the eyes are thinner and more sensitive
  2. Eye bags and dark circles
  3. The myth of anti-aging


A lot of skincare routines are coming out nowadays, which include having to use an eye cream, aka yet another item to add to your list. But do we really need a special cream for the eyes? 

Most eye cream brands promote their product to have been formulated specially for the thin, sensitive skin around the eyes, promising that it will remove eye bags; dark and saggy skin that no other skin care product can do.

But the truth is...there are no special ingredients in the eye cream that a regular moisturizer doesn’t already have. 


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Skin around the eyes are thinner and more sensitive

It is true that the skin around the eyes is thinner and more sensitive, but that doesn’t mean it requires a special product. You should use a skincare product that contains antioxidants that make the skin cells healthier, lighten discoloration and restore the skin barrier. This can be found in a moisturizer made for the entire face.

Eye bags and dark circles

Puffiness around your eyes are often caused by lack of sleep. A calming cream may actually be more helpful for you to achieve more regular sleeping habits. Avoiding alcohol and eating food with less salt may also help get rid of those dark circles.

The myth of anti-aging


Up until this day, the miracle of reversing the aging process has yet to be discovered. Ingredients like caffeine or collagen being added to your eye cream is used for marketing, but there is no evidence that proves that these ingredients have any real benefit in stopping your skin from aging.

Although it has been proven that the break-through of these skincare products are a real deal, there is still no special ingredient that has been formulated specifically for the skin around the eyes. The key is to look for a product that has the ability to increase the water content of the skin.


At Ivy Leaf® Skincare, we don't like to play with emotions of fellow women as a marketing tactic for putting more products in their hands that they don't actually need, just for the sake of profit. We believe in being REAL, and transparency. The ingredients for each of our products and their purpose are listed in detail within each product page. That includes our Restorative Moisturizer, packed with antioxidants and humectants that properly moisturize your face - including your eyes. Our ivy leaf® extract has also been proved to aid in cell regeneration, maintaining the strength of the already sensitive skin in this area for smooth, beautiful eyes!


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