Facts About Your Skin

  1. It Is Heavy
  2. We Age In Our 20s
  3. Renewal Powers
  4. Millions Of Bacteria
  5. Dead Skin Cells Are Everywhere
  6. Your Skin Type Is Temporary
  7. Nerves Not Connected To The Brain


We spend so much time and money on our skin in our quest to achieve that flawless and radiant look. People might say that it is all about vanity but we beg to differ. Having beautiful skin means that it is healthy. We might seem obsessed with the beauty aspect but the bottom line is, we just want to be healthier and feel good about it. The time and effort that we spend on making sure that our skin is healthy also translates to the other aspects of being physically healthy. With this much effort, it is time that we know more about our skin. Keep on reading to discover facts about your skin that you may not know.


It Is Heavy

Our skin is 15% of our total body weight. But don’t blame it if you gain weight.


We Age In Our 20s

When we say aging, we usually think it starts at 50 or 60. I have bad news for you. It actually happens when we hit 25. This is when our collagen levels start to deplete which results in sagging skin and fine lines to appear.


Renewal Powers

We already know that we are constantly shedding dead skin cells. What most of us might not know is that our entire skin is renewed every 28 days. It is simply amazing. All the more reason why we need to take extra care of it.


Millions Of Bacteria

The surface of our skin is home to millions of bacteria. Do not worry because these bacteria are harmless. In fact, they actually help our immune systems fight off disease-causing microbes.


Dead Skin Cells Are Everywhere

About 50% of the dust in our homes is composed of dead skin cells and about a billion tons of it are in our atmosphere. Yes, they are indeed everywhere.


Your Skin Type Is Temporary

Depending on the climate, diet, lifestyle, hormones and age, your skin type can change from one type to another. Be observant so you can adjust your skincare routine accordingly.


Nerves Not Connected To The Brain

There are some nerves on our skin that are not connected directly to the brain. Instead, they are connected to our muscles which send signals directly to our spinal cord. This allows us to respond more quickly to outside stimuli like heat, cold and pain. This just goes to show how our bodies were built for survival.

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