INTRODUCING: Ivy Leaf® Extract Concentrated Serum

  1. A little about serums.
  2. About our serum.


At Ivy Leaf®, we are all about transparency. If you are being pitched a single, miracle product guaranteed to solve all your skin problems, it’s probably a gimmick. Our skin is delicate and complex, and our full Ivy Leaf® skincare regimen is designed to treat it as such. However, if there is a single product out of the line that we would deem the miracle of the bunch, it would be our Ivy Leaf® Extract Concentrated Serum. Here’s why.


A woman in white standing behind a green tree branch, covering half of her face with her arm, for Ivy Leaf Skincare


A little about serums.


Serums have become a sudden hot item in the skincare routines of many. However, a lot of people are unaware of what they do besides moisturize. If that’s the only benefit, why are they so highly praised above an actual moisturizer?

The thing about serums in particular is that they are formulated in a way that allows deep penetration of higher concentrates of ingredients. It’s basically like a moisturizer on steroids, all while shrinking pores and tightening the skin. It also means that the ingredients in a serum are that much more important because they are all concentrates.

That is why our serum is so special. All ingredients were planned for with care, with the main highlight being a high concentrate of Ivy Leaf extract; nature’s healer!


Woman about to apply serum to face with dropper, for Ivy Leaf Skincare

About our serum.


The MVP of our skincare routine. Combining Ivy Leaf extract with a specialized blend of antioxidants and moisturize-binding ingredients, our serum addresses signs of aging and leaves the skin soft, plump and hydrated.

An earthly concoction of powerful botanicals that leaves your face feeling HEALTHY and reminds you where you came from: Nature. A combo of ivy and antioxidants hydrate and boost skin health while restoring and rebuilding through each minute of the day.

For full details on what Ivy Leaf extract and what it has to offer, read our blog post on all of its benefits here.

Ivy Leaf Extract Concentrated Serum Box