Skincare Trends

  1. Professional-Strength Products
  2. 3-D Printed Products
  3. Full Body Skincare


Skincare is now more popular than ever before. This is apparent with the availability of different kinds of products aimed at making our skin healthier and more beautiful. The most amazing thing is that it is not only big and established companies that are producing these products, there are also many smaller companies trying to compete in the skincare market. This is great for us consumers. The more products there are, the more choices we have. No longer are we stuck with maybe two or three brands to choose from, now we have a large selection of brands where we can freely mix and match to fit our skin type and preference.

Even with hundreds of options to choose from, we are still looking for new methods and products to improve our skin. There are others that are just content with what works for them. For us, it’s a bit different. Call it being obsessed or just being very meticulous, one thing is for sure. We are skincare crazy and we are always looking for the best. So let’s take a look at the different skincare trends this year. Who knows, you might discover one that you can add to your routine.

Professional-Strength Products

Last year, there was an increase in demand for professional-grade or medical-grade skincare products and is expected to rise in the following years. Professional-grade products are products that are designed to provide instant results for targeted skin conditions like fine lines, pigmentation and dark spots. Products containing supercharged acids like bromelain are expected to become more popular in the future.


Needle and skin injections, for Ivy Leaf Skincare blog

3-D Printed Products

Sheet masks that don’t fit our face is a very common problem that one company is trying to solve. A company called Neutrogena is trying to solve this problem by using 3-D printing technology to create sheet masks that will perfectly fit any face size and shape. What’s more, the level of customization will not be limited to the face size and shape but will also address specific skin concerns. This will be made possible through a combination of 3-D printers and downloadable apps. This is exciting news for us as it is taking customized skincare products to new heights.


3D Printing, for Ivy Leaf Skincare blog

Full Body Skincare

Fun fact. Our skin does not only cover our face and neck. Joking aside, there is an increase in demand for body-specific skincare products and treatments. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid are being added to body lotions and creams to provide proper skin care for the whole body. Expect this trend to be more popular in the coming years.


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