Why Korean Skincare Is Better

  1. Natural Ingredients
  2. Effective Finish
  3. Focus On Beauty


Seoul, South Korea is not considered the beauty capital of the world for nothing. Aside from the numerous beauty clinics, it has introduced many beauty trends and innovations that made a big impact here in the west. One of its most famous trends is their skincare routine that provides everything your skin needs to be healthy and beautiful. There are other skin care techniques that you can try out but before you do, read on and find out why Korean skincare is considered the best.

Natural Ingredients

The Koreans swear by how effective natural treatments are. That is why Korean skincare products contain all-natural ingredients. Natural ingredients like ivy leaf extracts are used in Korean skincare lines, like Ivy Leaf® Skincare, to make their products as effective and natural as possible. Korean skincare products are so big on natural ingredients that there are natural components in their products that are not usually found in other brands. Anything goes as long as it is natural and safe to use.


Dishes containing natural herbs, for the Ivy Leaf Skincare blog

Effective Finish

If you want proof why Korean skincare is better then look no further than their 10-step skincare routine. This routine aims to cleanse, balance and hydrate the skin. Prevention of skin conditions is also one of the aims of the routine. What’s great is that it can be used with any skin type. You only need to pick the right products that are perfect for your skin. The routine stays the same. Basically, it is for everybody.


Person pulling back hair, for the Ivy Leaf Skincare blog

Focus On Beauty

What is the primary reason why we are so obsessed with taking care of our skin? We want to look even more beautiful. Korean skincare's main focus is making your skin as healthy as possible to make you look even more beautiful. Korean women were taught at a very young age the importance of having flawless skin and will ensure that they will always look and feel their best. If you want to look your best, cleansers, moisturizers and toners are simply not enough. You have to do more to have close to perfect skin. That is why they developed the intensive 10-step skincare routine for that purpose. Their skincare products also contain unique natural ingredients that are aimed at helping you achieve the standard of beauty that you want.


Person representing Korean skincare, for the Ivy Leaf Skincare blog